Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hitting the road...

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Traverse City for Red Wings Training Camp!! I'm kind of nervous because I'm driving alone - I've never driven that far by myself before, because the only time I drive that far is when I'm going on vacation and I don't go on vacation alone. But I'll be meeting lots of friends up there, so it's all good!

Needless to say, the diet is getting suspended until Tuesday. I haven't been able to exercise at all because my ankle is still sore and now my left heel has started to hurt, like it used to when I had heel spurs. Ugh! I'm falling apart.

But when I get back I'm really going to be getting on track again! I want to go to Toronto for Stevie's HOF induction in November 2009 and I don't want to go looking like this!

I will blog about my adventures when I get back...maybe I'll get the chance to have coffee with Chris Chelios this time!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Still Frustrated...

It's been a week since I sprained my ankle and I'm still limping. Not as badly as I had up until today, but it still hurts and I can't walk normally yet. So exercising is out.

I can at least get around, though, unlike last weekend where I just sat around with my foot elevated on pillows, avoiding walking unless I absolutely had having to pee.

So my guess is, I won't be able to start exercising until sometime next week. That'll be two weeks without any exercise. The miniscule amount of momentum I built up before I sprained my ankle is gone.