Monday, December 29, 2008

Sugar, Sugar Everywhere

One of our holiday traditions is making about 1,324,987 kinds of cookies. Okay, maybe not quite that many - more like half a dozen - but at this time a year it certainly seems like it. The problem is, they're all good, yummy, tempting and not exactly what a fat girl trying to lose weight should be eating.

I've actually been pretty good with the cookies this year - I'm enjoying them, but not eating too many. It's not just the cookies, however - there's fudge, too, and we all got chocolate candy in our stockings (I admit, part of that is my fault, but Ghiradelli comes out with pecan pie and peppermint bark flavored squares this time of year and I can't resist). Plus, there's the chocolate cheesecake my sister made for Christmas Eve dinner and the trifle - with homemade custard - she made for Christmas Day dinner (no, my sister's name is not Martha).

The same thing happens every year between Christmas and New Year's - this is the point where I get sugared-out. I seriously think if I eat one more cookie I'm going to go into a diabetic coma. But then my mom says to me yesterday, "You're not eating any of the butter nut balls. I left the powdered sugar off just for you." Guilt! She and my father do this all the time!

My dad has a major sweet tooth and has a frequent shopper card from Entenmann's. He knows I like their crumb cake, so he buys it for me -without me asking him to, by the way - then gets angry when I don't eat it. No matter how many times I tell my family that I am trying to stay away from stuff like that, as best I can, they keep pushing it on me, then make me feel like a bad daughter when I don't eat it. And the kicker is, last month my dad said to me, "You'd better start losing some of that weight." WHAT?!?

I've already informed my mother that I'm going to start eating healthy and clean (I'm not calling it a diet - it's a lifestyle) after the new year and to not be offended when I turn down her fried chicken. But asking my dad not to buy baked goods is an exercise in futility. I'll just give them back to my mom. My dad will be none the wiser.


Katschi said...

Perhaps when your family sees that you're truly committed to eating better they'll start to lay off the food pushing.
I give my mom mixed messages by wavering all the time.
If your dad sees you eating all these cookies, fudge, chocolate ("I can't resist" you said) he won't take you seriously. Regardless of the time of year that it is.

Shay Shay said...

I can definitely relate to sugar, sugar everywhere during the holidays! A tough time indeed. I wish you the best on your challenge and look forward to following your success. Clean eating has truly saved me!

Kari said...

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year!!

Katschi (Karen) said...

Nancy? Are you still here?

Nancy said...

Yes I am still here - life just kind of got in the way of me posting to my blogs. I got sick, then my internet went down...just wasn't a good time.

But I'm back! :D