Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another thought...

Maybe if I start posting what I eat, I'll be more accountable.

So starting tomorrow, I'm going to do just that. Actually, that's really how this blog got started - my best friend Lori and I were both trying to lose weight, and we started blogs as sort of online food diaries to let each other know what we were eating and how we were doing. So I guess I'm kind of going back to my roots. LOL

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Annie Blake said...

Hi Nancy,

My name's Annie I came across your profile via our similar interests. Just last week I started keeping an online food/exercise diary for the same reason you have stated - to hold myself accountable to my friend ...and anyone else who's interested :) I'll drop in now and again to see how you are, good luck and enjoy it!

I'm also an Avon rep and started blog about that too. Anyway pop by sometime if you like :)