Friday, April 14, 2006

Another Thought of the Day

And once again it is from Laura from The FIRM:

"It IS important to focus on long term results, but is equally important to enjoy the journey in getting there. I know it is incredibly hard to change life-long habits, and to make choices that are very different than you are used to making; however, I also know that if you make one little positive adjustment in your thinking, you will be able to see your journey in a whole new, and wonderful, light.

If you will take a minute to recognize the enormouos potential and power that are in your hands, and then you take the next minute to decide how you want to use them, you can do anything you want to accomplish. If you will acknowledge to yourself that every step you make in the right direction is worthwhile, and then congratulate yourself on making that step, you will gain confidence and pleasure throughout your entire journey.

You know you will love it when you reach the end of your journey, but why wait to love that?? Love that you are on the journey. Love that you are living the journey. Love that you are able to make the journey. Most importantly love yourself for even thinking about the journey -- you chose to do this, ENJOY it!

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