Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Not Bad...

Today I did reasonably well with my food -

Breakfast - Omelet (made the same way as previous days), coffee w/Splenda and fat-free coffee cream

Lunch - none

Snack - Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte made with fat free milk, no whipped cream

Dinner - Turkey burger (ground turkey breast meat, onions and mushrooms) on a hamburger bun with Swiss cheese and lite mayonnaise, baked french fries

Snack - baked Cheetos

I did not exercise today because my back was sore and not letting me move very freely. However, I went to my chiropractor this afternoon and mentioned that I have begun working out with the FIRM. He said they are excellent workouts and his wife works out with them. He said she wasn't heavy or anything but that she really firmed up and has muscles now!! He encouraged me to continue with them, but he also said that if I feel that I need two days off between workouts, take two days and not feel guilty.

Tomorrow is my brithday so all bets are off - I'm going to go to T-Ho's and have a French Vanilla cappuccino on my way to work and I'm having my annual birthday dinner of manicotti and BIRTHDAY CAKE!! But I will work out in the evening. ;)


Lori said...

Happy Birthday Nancy!
I agree with your dr. that you should take 2 days in between, at least for now, til your back gets stronger.
My concern is that you seem to not be eating enough. What is with skipping lunches, or is it because you had more of a brunch? You need to consume enough calories so that you do not go into 'starvation' mode, yet not too many, of course!
Enjoy your birthday food!

Nancy said...

I don't know what it is with skipping lunches...I rarely ate lunch on days off because I sleep in and lunch time would be around 3 PM, which is too close to dinner. Or else I'd be out doing errands and such and just not stop for lunch.

But since I started working again, I don't get a lunch and I think I just got used to it. I take a short break at work and get a Diet Rite cola and a bag of pita chips (6 g fat and 130 calories), so I guess that, in effect, is "lunch." But on days off I'm not hungry at lunch time and tend to just skip it altogether.

I guess the good thing is I'm not hungry, even though I'm not eating lunch.

And yes, I plan on enjoying my birthday food!! With a couple glasses of wine, too - I had my mom buy me my favorite wine to have with dinner. Yummy!!!